Pre-Order Signed/Personalised Copies of ‘The Reluctant Detective’

Hi Guys,

Kiran Manral’s debut book ‘The Reluctant Detective‘ published by Westland Books has just released and we are pleased to share with you that we at Dial-a-Book will be exclusively selling limited copies of the book signed/personalized by Kiran herself.

We are putting the signed/personalized copies on pre-order. If you’d like to book your copy please fill in your details in the form below

Pre-Order Form: 


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3 Responses to Pre-Order Signed/Personalised Copies of ‘The Reluctant Detective’

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  2. I posted a review of The Reluctant Detective:

    “The title notwithstanding, the story has very little to do with her actual solving of the cases. Instead, it builds on the response from Kay’s world, right from a sudden fear of taking morning walks alone, SoBo acquaintances dismissal of the suburbs, parental paranoia & automatic restriction, gossip sagas where maidservants gain starring roles and the revival of old-but-incompatible friendships.”

    Read the rest at:

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