Live Chat With Richa Lakhera

Here is the transcript of Live Chat With Richa Lakhera.

Our readers enjoyed a session of Live Chat with the author of Garbage Beat at our Facebook Page, Dial A Book.


If you couldn’t participate in the session,you still have a chance to know what transpired.

The chat begins from this question:

Q: Harpreet Singh: Richa, what made you write the book?

A: Richa: hi harpreet its like saying crime reporters become investigators and political reporters become politicians — heres the thing i am very much aware every time i file a story thats its the story which is the star and i have no intention nor aspiration to be one myself

Q: Aashu Khan:Do you love being an author or being a journalist?

A: Richa: I love being in the skin of an entertainment news reporter on tv, it defines me and is my identity but being an author i can play God if you know what i mean ! so nothing beats that rush

Q: Vikas Khan: Why did you think to write your book???

A:Richa: Hey vikas as i said because everyone is very very curious about the tv ent reporting and bollywood stars so yaa to cater to them

Q: Navneet Singh: which one do you like better Movies or books? Don’t say both.

A: Richa: hey navneet apart from if i have to critique a film – i’d read a book anyday

Q: Navneet Singh: If you were to write a non film/tv book. On what subject would it be?

A: Richa: it would be a science fiction thriller book – which i plan to pen later

Q: Michelle Cohen Corasanti: why and how did you decide to become and author?

A: Richa: hey michelle scandals,glamour,controversies,thrills, tamasha,masala,nautnakis entertaining moments so a book was just waiting to happen. the first book was mostly because of the daily diary jottings i did! at voila the chronicle fleshed out with char and a plot became book.

Q:Jitesh Parwani: Richa-u r an awesum reporter…. so any plans for some books in future also???????

A:Richa: hi jitesh yes My second book is called Item Girl – which is about a bollywood stars, powerpuff agents ,big daddy studios, casting couch etc,

Q:Satish Verma Khan: Who is your favorite journalist and author and how did they influence you ??

A:Richa: hi satish my fav author are jrrtolkein oscar wilde and charles dickens

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