Interview With Annie Zaidi, Author of Love Stories #1 to 14

“These are stories that draw on real life, real people.” Says the author of Love Stories, Annie Zaidi who has been interviewed by Farhan. Annie’s recent book, Love Stories, an exotic compilation of #14 love stories published by HarperCollins unveils the love and the life of contemporary lovers. 

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Annie Zaidi at Mumbai Book Launch

Here’s the conversation with the author:

Farhan: Let’s strike up the interview with this question that what was that temptation or inspiration by which this compilation of exuberant love stories came into existence?

Annie: These are stories that draw on real life, real people. I saw people’s lives and heartaches and made them my source of inspiration.

Farhan: In this compilation of fourteen stories, which one you consider the best or say which is your favorite story? Why is it?

Annie: I cannot say which one is best. Each one has a separate motivation and different characters with various kind of appeal. But I had the most fun writing #4, The One that Badly Wanted.

Farhan: Did you peek into the life of lovers when writing this book? Did you need to make any research before writing this book?

Annie: Not ‘research’ really. I did not go looking for lovers and their stories. I observed what was unfolding around me and then played it out different in my own imagination.

Farhan: I think that some of your stories unfold the love of post-modern era when the lovers live utterly dispersed and hectic life as the same is found in the story #5. How much of the book is based on realism of post-modern life and love?

Annie: This is impossible to answer. I personally don’t understand all these terms – ‘post-modern’ etc. What does it mean to be modern or post-modern? I can only speak of the world I was born in, and I treat it as both modern and contemporary.

Farhan: Who is your most beloved author of romance? Why do you like that author?

Annie: I do not read much in the ‘romance’ genre, honestly. But the book I .first liked, which had a love story at the heart of it, was ‘Gone with the Wind’

Farhan: How did you come up with this simple title?

Annie: I think I titled each story numerically because I was figuring out what these stories were actually about in the process of writing them. Since all of them ended up numbered, we thought the title may as well reflect that.

Farhan:- Is there anything you find particularly challenging in writing short stories?

Annie:Yes. The endings. I always find it hard to work out an end for my stories.

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