Inc India adds Dial-a-Book to its Start-up Diaries

Hi Readers,

We are happy to share with you all that Inc India(Indian arm of the awesome Inc Magazine US) has added Dial-a-Book to its Start-up Diaries. What this means is that they(folks at Inc India) found our start-up quite interesting and want to keep a close tab on how we do over a period of time. So after every few months we’ll be meeting with them and sharing all that has happened at our end and what all we plan to do going forward.

Personally speaking, though I haven’t read the print magazine ever I have been a great fan of their US website for all the great articles they share. To be interviewed and added to their regular feature Start-up Diaries was a great feeling. We now have another reason to perform well :)

If you’d like to know more about your favourite start-up grab a copy of this month’s Inc India. We can also home deliver the magazine to you if you want :)

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