Dial-a-Book in Today’s Mint Lounge

If you’ve ever bought books from us or interacted with us on Twitter/Facebook and wanted to know more about who we are and how we work this is your chance. Thanks the folks on Twitter(who recommended us a month or so back to Priya on Twitter) we are featured in today’s Mint Lounge.

Past life

Dial-a-Book is a Delhi-based start-up founded by brothers Mayank and Tarang Dhingra. Tarang, 25, is a final-year student at the University of Delhi. Mayank, 27, is a software engineer who left a corporate job at Fidelity International in 2005 to work for a string of tech start-ups—from SlideShare, an online presentation hosting service, to MPower Mobile, which works with mobile payments. In 2008, before the Twitter bandwagon bulldozed its way across the country’s Internet landscape, he experimented with….

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4 Responses to Dial-a-Book in Today’s Mint Lounge

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  2. lekha

    Hi Mayank and Tarang,

    The article captures the Dial-a-book vibe. Keep up the great work. You know you have permanent customers in our gang!
    All the best!

  3. shivam wadhwa

    Hi mayank
    I wish u all the best in your endevour. i m looking for a book titled Briefcase of Interviews,can u help me locate it

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