Dial-a-Book and Social Media

Social Media is what you make of it or so we think. I vividly remember that we created our presence on Facebook and Twitter the day we started operations and had a super basic(read free) blog ready by the end of first week. It’s been about an year since we’ve been into business and it would be unfair to not credit Social Media for all that it has let us do.

Social Media amongst other things has let us “Be Ourselves”, let us make interesting friends and talk about books, authors and more.

We were recently interviewed by K.N Ajit for his blog

Here’s an excerpt from the interview

Around 10 months back, I noticed a Twitter handle that was able to “engage” me with intelligent conversations- Dialabook. Don’t exactly remember what all we discussed, but it was good enough to ensure a follow back. Of course, the fact that Dialabook was a service that allowed you to order books over phone and Twitter (and now Facebook too), made the decision to follow them a good one.  Back then, Dial-a-Book used to serve book-lovers from the Delhi/NCR region only, and they (or Mayank , the Founder of Dial-a-Book) used to actively reach out to Twitter users from their target region. Now their services extend to other cities too Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.

It’s a pain to buy a book from the store.

Sometime last year, during a ..

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