Winners for “Sh! Contest”

Ever since we announced the Sh! Contest SMS’s have been pouring..Today is the second day of the contest and there’s one more day to go. For those of you who’ve participated and are wondering when will the winners be announced here’s the list of winners for the first day. Question for 23rd November: Complete the name [...]

SH! Contest

It’s been quite a while since we had any contest on our platforms thus we realized out we need one to make things interesting. So here’s the contest for this week and how it works Every day for the next 3 days we’ll put up a question on our blog(in this post itself) and you [...]

Daily Deals on Twitter

We’ve been thinking over this for a while now and did some trials as well to see how to go about this. “Deals” like most of you feel are one of most hyped yet trite phenomenon of the current  times and we had to think twice before starting this feature. Anything related to deals stands [...]