The Custody Contest: Daily Questions

Hi All, We launched ‘The Custody Contest’ yesterday and also shared yesterday’s question here. This post is to list the daily questions for the contest.   So what are you waiting for, go get ‘em Question for 23/3/2011: Under Indian Laws, Custody of children can be divided into how many parts? Question for 24/3/2011: Which [...]

Announcing The Custody Contest

Hey All, We are happy to share with you that starting today we are beginning ‘The Custody Contest‘. Just like our previous contest you stand a chance to win books by answering some really simple(almost) questions. Sounds good? Here’s how it works We will ask a new question daily on our blog which will get [...]

Chanakya’s Chant Quiz: Questions

Hi All, Guess by now you must have read about ‘Chanakya’s Chant Quiz’ that we are having. Here’s the questions that were asked previously along with today’s question. Question for 28/2/2011: What are two other names by which Chanakya is known? Question for 1/3/2011: Which area of New Delhi is named in the honour of [...]